Our Honey

The honey used in Dr. B’s Wild Honey is the finest, uncooked minimally filtered honey available.  We extract from the comb and bring it to you, just as the bees produce it.

As an individual bee will forage up to 3 miles per day, we  work to provide you with a honey that is a natural blend of nectar they produce. Natural wild honey will vary slightly in  taste and color from season to season. However, this is much preferred to the commercial packaging process of cooking the mixture of various honeys to ensure uniform taste and color. This commercial  process kills all the enzymes that make honey special. Both the nutritional and medicinal qualities are lost. Our honey is special: local, raw, and minimally filtered.

Our colonies are mostly located in Morris County, New Jersey, Convent Station area near Loantaka Park Reservation, with smaller harvests from Essex County, New Jersey, West Orange area South Mountain Reservation. The honey is organic, raw and minimally filtered so it contains traces of pollen and propolis. These beneficial  trace elements  are mostly removed in commercial honey.

I promise to  produce the finest pure and natural wild honey you can buy.

Dr. Bee - Podiatrist and BeekeeperThank you for visiting. Come back soon to see our selection of local wild honey and honey bee products. See you!

Best regards,

Dr. B
Podiatrist – Beekeeper